Thanks to our cooperation with "PEKAO LEASING", we offer entrepreneurs support in financing their projects and business needs.

“PEKAO LEASING” provides support to the customers in choosing the optimal solution for business, effective financial management through the use of external sources of financing. Financial liquidity, efficient and effective investment are the key factors of the company’s income. “PEKAO LEASING” is a well-proven, credible and reliable partner in the financing of the equipment needed to drive and develop the successful business enterprise:

  • passenger cars and trucks up to 3.5 t
  • heavy transport
  • machines and devices
  • IT
  • properties.


The company provides all available forms of financing to customers, depending on their needs:

  • operating Leasing
  • financial Leasing
  • loan
  • long-term lease.


In the standard offer, “PEKAO LEASING” also provides a number of ancillary services, which guarantees the competitive advantage of the company’s offer.  “PEKAO LEASING” customers can take advantage of a number of benefits, such as: preferential prices at suppliers, fuel cards or a free dedicated Workshop Program.


For further information details of the cooperation, in terms of the “PEKAO LEASING” services for iWealth clients, contact with us or our Wealth Manager.