Wealth Manager

“Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.” [Henry Ford]

Anna joined the team in December 2019 and as Wealth Manager she is responsible for building and maintaining relationships with individual and institutional clients, offering support in their investment decisions.

Since 2005 she has been pursuing new challenges in the financial sector with passion and commitment, looking for potential in herself and the people she works with. She started her professional career as a Customer Advisor in ING Bank Polska S.A., and after a few years she became a Director of three Deutsche Bank Polska S.A. branches. She achieved success in the industry mainly through caring for good relationships with people she meets on her way. She claims that development is not only keeping up with current trends, but also perfecting the ability to direct one’s actions to a specific person and her needs. Partnership and cooperation are important slogans for her, therefore all arrangements are based on understanding, cooperation and honesty.

Thanks to the law studies at the University of Wrocław, she gained the ability to think analytically and strategically as well as to correctly interpret the provisions. He can explain complicated situations and conduct effective negotiations. In his free time, he devotes himself with passion to his hobby, which is cycling. She believes that sport is a spring that drives her to a better and fuller life.